Saturday, January 7, 2012

Invisibility has its perks

Yes, it does. On the downside, nobody really gives a crap. On the upside, nobody expects anything either.

I've been in a very dark place for a few months, and have come to realize, with few exceptions, I could disappear forever and no one would notice or even care. Last year I was on a design team, and during the course of the summer didn't post for over a month after suffering a mild stroke. Not one person wrote to ask where I was, if I was ok, zippo, nada. Happened again in October, nothing. Then, last month after being excited that I'd still have internet, started a monthlong hop, became ill, the darkness took over, came back to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and only one person said "good to see you back".

I'm exhausted treading water, not getting anywhere and it would be much easier to just go under. Good thing the water's murky and I'm invisible...


  1. Oh hun, it's horrible that you feel like this. I know what you mean though. In this day and age it seems we are all out for ourselves and no-one has any time for anyone else. It's a very sad fact of life, but like you say, there are exceptions!
    Chin up hun, I hope 2012 brings a better year for you

  2. I'm afraid I'm one of those that keep meaning to look up on old friends and then family takes over my time. You're not invisible hun, and glad to see you back with us. Hoping the new year brings us all closer together. Get better soon

  3. I'm so sorry you feel this way. I know I've felt the same in the past. I hope things start to look up for you. Big hugs to you! And even if I do forget to say something, I do remember you and I do care, so please don't give up.

  4. That's just awful - I know how you feel but you mustn't give up. Sometimes people just get caught up in their own stuff and you may feel you are alone out there, but you're NOT :-) We luvs you here in cyberspace but I guess sometimes things get a bit too whizzy and we let Peeps slip by. Don't be sad little friend - you are important - it's like the butterfly effect - you being there has an effect on something elsewhere, and if you weren't there, it would all go to sh*t !!!! :-D
    Mega Hugs