Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maybe I should just take my marbles and go home...

It's time for my annual birthday rant. Well, I'm a little late as always. I've been a member of a group online for close to two years, and have been as active as my health & living situation would allow. And, for the second year in a row, with only one exception, not one other person wished me a happy birthday last week, despite the birthdays being on the home page & my thanking the lone individual on the chit chat part of the group. Honestly, I've never really felt a part of the core inside group, just a vibe I get from several of them. Rather than dwell on it, I've decided to do a challenge once in awhile and forget the rest of the group dynamics. Besides I've a lot to do in the next few weeks; with packing up this house, becoming single after 22 years, moving to a new place, becoming a grandma and all that entails. I really need to concentrate on the RL world, not the OL world.

Who knows, I may start a new blog all together...


  1. Hi Dianne - sorry I missed your Birthday - have been trying to catch up with everything as my Internet service totally sucks.
    Very best wishes with your move and your new life... I am soooo with you - Go Girl :-D
    Belated birthday huggies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Dianne, I'm also very sorry I missed your b'day. I get very forgetful sometimes and can only apologise. Your presence is always appreciated in the forum and I always love your work. Time is not always a friend as the hours slip away un-noticed. Good luck with your life changes and your impending grandmotherhood xx

  3. Oh Dianne, I'm so sorry for missing your b-day as well. I forget to look at the list and most days just go into the discussions "on a mission" to get something done or said... It is no excuse. I love having you around the forum when you're there and hate that you feel like you're not a part of the "inside" group. You are as much needed there as anyone else and are a valued member. I am so happy to hear of your life changes and hope nothing but the best during your move and soon to be grandbaby! Much love and belated Birthday wishes!


  4. I too can only apologise for not being around this week to wish you a happy birthday..... i did comment on the vent to your 'life changes' and wish you nothing but happiness and good fortune in your new life and role as grandma. love BDx

  5. This makes me sad :( You are loved and so is your fabulous work. I am very sorry you do not feel like part of the group. I hope I've never made you feel that way. I am glad that you will be focusing on the important stuff, RL. I am so proud of you for making positive changes in your life! You have tremendous strength and courage even if you do not feel it or believe it. Your new life is in your hands. Make it the best it can be! Please do keep in touch. If you are absent for a bit I will know you are busy moving, but please post a FB update when you are settled in your new home. Much Love, Dianne. {{hugs}}