Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why don't she write?

 I must warn you all the following pictures are very scary, and to me quite sad.  This is my crap, no I mean craft room - it's a teeny tiny bedroom about 7'6" x 6'8", and there is toooo much crap in there.  When I look at these, I think to myself  "this person should be on "Hoarders" ".   Perhaps I should.  

But, as any artistic/creative type person knows, it takes supplies to create anything!  Part of the problem is that I have too many areas of interest, since I have the attention span of a gnat .  First it's crochet, then spinning, then scrapbooking, followed by mixed media, quilting, lapidary work, jewelry making, cross stitching, drawing and painting, back to scrapbooking & paper arts.  EGADS!  The cycle continues.  At first it was okay when I just did scrapbooking & book arts.  There was room for what I used, but the fabric has taken over.  Immediately behind my chair is a mountain of fabric, some in containers, much is just stacked. 

God forbid someone should ask me if I have something.  I'm sure I do,but it takes forever to find what they are asking for.  Heck, it takes me so much time to find what I need for a card or a present, that the holiday/birthday passes before I finish making something.

I could blame getting sick, my heart condition, or the fibromyalgia, or the depression following my mother's passing (8 years ago today),  my buying things that I have, but lost, or my younger daughter who cannot entertain herself when she's home - she needs reassurance and gets upset if I want to go in my craft room, or my husband, a useless 300lb. person who lays in bed 24/7 expecting me to do everything for him except wipe his ass (it's not that he can't do, it's that he won't do anything).  Bitter much?   But, the fact is there is no excuse.  So, I've started to sort & purge, and at least store the fabbies somewhere else, unmount boxes of wood stamps, sell whatever I don't want & throw the garbage out.  I've asked my older daughter to come help move the heavy stuff - she's very strong .  Better to do it now, because if there were an earthquake & I was in that room - they'd never find me .   

If you read this, thank you for letting me vent.  I really am a nice person, just a tad overwhelmed right now. 



  1. You are so like me I have the attention span of a gnat also, my hubby is always shouting for me to FOCUS. You will get there in the end and I can't wait to see more of your projects that journal box is just freakin amazing x

  2. this is my scrap room as I speak! and I don't really have a short attention span....I really think that any crafter can relate to this...and if they deny it, I think they are lying! :)