Thursday, May 12, 2011

Smeared and Smudged Members Blog Hop for May

Epic Fail on my part. This photo I found online explains it all.

Finished my project late last night, put it up on the shelf above the computer so the glue could dry. I awoke this morning prepared to take pics of my beautiful metal box & found the p.c. monitor hanging by its cord, stuff scattered everywhere, my glasses nowhere to be found, parts of the printer tray broken off and my little metal box smooshed. Embossing foil is not very sturdy, yanno.

My apologies to all, but if you're here, then head on over to Paula's blog Hopefully that works. I'll try to get back with something, that is, after I take care of some very bad cats.


  1. LOL! You poor thing! I can totally relate!

  2. oh bummer! bad kitteh!! lol..

  3. dont you just love cats they are so cute cudly and soooo very mischevious when you arent looking. Much like a smeared and smudged stamp hmmmm