Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh no, she didn't ...

If someone had told me I would be making roses out of bacon this year for Valentine's Day, I would have thought them absolutely insane. But, I did make some - 7 to be exact as that is how many silk roses were in the bunch from Family Dollar. Being financially strapped, I offered to make my daughter a card to give to her boyfriend of 7 months. Then I suggested the Bacon Roses she'd shown me earlier that week, found a couple of blogs with instructions and off we went. Had to sacrifice my mini-muffin pan by drilling holes in it so the grease drains out, but the look on his face was priceless. He loved them!

Here they are:

The saying goes: For the girl who loves flowers, and the guy who wants a snack.

I'll be posting my final valentine blog hop project in a few. Did you know that you can hit a computer & sometimes it will work? There's always something.


  1. Ooooh - totally awesome AND yummy too. Wonderful creation :-D xxxxx

  2. This is amazing. Seriously. I can think of several people that would get such a kick out of receiving this bunch! Including me!!! :)

  3. One more thing...would you please visit my blog. I have a little surprise for you. :)

  4. oh my gosh!! This is AWESOME!!! One day, ONE DAY, I will have to make these, I just don't think they would mail well to the person who would most appreciate them, lol!

  5. Lady B must see these! Wicked.... and they'd go so well with her bacon bra! love BDx

  6. When I saw this this morning i thought I was seeing things I cannot imagine the talent it takes to do this wow wow wow and it is lovely.

    susan s.